GRoboduino Key points:

* ATMega328 with Arduino Bootloader, running at 16Mhz
Motor Controller: Dual H-Bridge, 4.5v - 36v, 600mA per motor (1.2A peak), with selectable power (internal regulated voltage or Vin), occupying only 2 arduino pins / motor!
Buzzer  (pin 10)
Led (pin 13)
Servo compatible pins for all available analog and digital pins

Screw Terminals for Motors and Vin
FTDI Connector
* 5V Regulator (2A)

* Compact design, although using discrete components
* Available as a KIT or fully assembled board
* Easy to build (as a kit)

* Arduino library for all peripherals

In the following days, information on pricing and availability will be posted as well as pics of the prototypes and a building guide.

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