RoboProgrammer - Automated AVR (or PIC etc) programmer

I have been working on RoboProgrammer for some days now, and finally I managed to have it finished!

You can see a video while using it to program 2 ATMega328 with Arduino Bootloader.

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  1. Ανώνυμος8/10/10 00:28

    Try avrdude -B 5 to set the fuses and -B .2 to write the flash, so you write the fuses at 200kHz and the flash at 4MHz, that way it takes about 2 seconds. :-D
    Nice 'bot, by the way! It's almost a self-replicating machine once its started flashing its own firmware...

  2. Ανώνυμος8/10/10 00:31

    Er, assuming the arduino ISP works anything like the AVRISPmkII on speed limitations.

  3. Ανώνυμος8/10/10 02:09

    If you stop sending the PWM to the dodgy servo, it will go limp and stop making that annoying noise. There's probably enough friction in the gears to keep it held in place anyhow.

    Really lovely little machine! :)

  4. Very nice machine. I noticed dropping the chip isn't happening when you want it to. I added a solenoid to mine to release the vacuum when I wanted to drop what I was moving. I have one question, what are you using as you vacuum source?

  5. @Brian
    The vacuum source looks like a fish tank pump - I've used those before.

    I guess a pneumatic power lock system for a car would work as well and it's only 12 volts.

    This is a really neat and highly mesmeric device. I love it!

    But then I love watching plotters or laser cutters or CNC routers as well...